In a near Dystopian future, Tai needs to prove she’s not white in order to escape her destiny

Tai Linhares straightening Sanni Est hair during one of the short film’s scenes.

An authoritarian regime plans to restore white supremacy in Brazil. Their first act is to demand the return of all white Brazilian citizens living abroad. In the midst of this political chaos, Tai needs to prove that she is not white, but is faced with uncertainty about her own racial identity. The film delves into the ambiguous concept of race in Brazil, exploring the traces left by its colonial past and the family history of the director. An exploratory journey between fiction and documentary.

Parda (Mixed Race, 2019) on YouTube.


Directed, Written And Produced By: Tai Linhares
Director Of Photography: Aline Juárez
Camera Assistants: Levin Liebig and Svea Immel
Assistant Director: João Xavi
Location Sound: Elissa Brito
Makeup Artist: Vivien Mehes
Production Assistants: Gabriela Lesmes, Charlotte Rürup and Christine Zimmert Stage Designers: Thais Jibaji and Anne Hierzi
Sound Editor: Caio Cesar Loures
Sound Mixing 2.0: Mariana Bahia
Sound Mixing 5.1: Nadoki Studio
Editor: Sully Ceccopieri
German/English Translations: Birke Carolin Resch
DCP-Mastering: Silke Albrecht
Actors: Robert Martin, Sanni Est, Marcos Lamoreux and Grace Kelly Sodré

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